About Us

We at Orbitz Telecom (A.K.A Orbitz LLC) are one of the fastest growing International Tier-2 Telecom Carrier, with offices in New York USA and in India, Established in 2014 with the purpose of providing quality, state of the art telecom services and IP based voice solutions for both wholesale and retail. We offer a complete range of portfolios of connections to Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and in the Middle-East. We route millions of international voice minutes from other Global carriers.

We Are

Orbitz Telecom Founded in 2014 to provide advanced telecommunication carrier services.

We Do

High quality and exclusive voice and SMS service; provided by our team of experts.

We Achieved

Connections with more than 100 Tier1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers and operators globally, huge number of minutes run through our telecom switches every month.

Orbitz Team

At Orbitz Telecom, we have a fully dedicated, self-motivated, multi-national team. Hailing from all around the world; bringing new cultures and points of view to our company. This diversity allows us to see things from a wider perspective.


We gain from the combination of our unique diversity and education which leads to our irresistible passion for innovation. We love to use advanced approaches and focus on a variety of aspects to create modern and exciting projects.

Right Minded

We are fair to our employees, business partners and customers. We care about the relationships that we have. This formula has allowed Orbitz Telecom to make long lasting and mutually beneficial business partnerships.

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115 Pleasant Avenue, Tuckahoe, NY 10707.

1-(914) 246-0233


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